The Actor's Campus

An online learning community with hours of pre-recorded video lessons, weekly live classes and 24/7 direct access to your mentor, Diego Tinoco. 

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Do you want a CLEAR and EXACT roadmap on how to break into acting?

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The Actor's Campus

Dive into "The Actors Campus," an all-inclusive online community crafted to empower aspiring actors. With a perfect blend of pre-recorded video lessons, a supportive built in community center, weekly live classes, and personal access to Diego Tinoco around the clock, this is your golden ticket to a successful acting career!

🎭 What Awaits You: 🎭

🤝 Built-in Community: The Actor's Campus offers a supportive online community where actors can connect, collaborate, and network. Join us as we have in-person meet-ups with Diego Tinoco, weekly online sessions for over 500 students (and growing!) to share insights, seek advice, and inspire each other on the craft of acting.

🎬 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons: Diego Tinoco's pre-recorded video lessons cover vital topics for aspiring actors, including the "10 Steps To Start Your Acting Career," insights into his journey from scratch to present day, acting exercises from home, audition do's and don'ts, essential online acting resources, brand-building tips, securing legit agents and managers, how to land A-list auditions, avoiding Hollywood traps, character development, script analysis, networking skills, demo reel creation, best acting methods, necessary equipment, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from his previous projects.

24/7 Access to Diego Tinoco: Enrolled members can seek guidance, career advice, and feedback on self-tapes and more, benefitting from ongoing support from Diego and their peers inside the Campus!

🎙️ Weekly Live Classes: Diego hosts weekly live classes every Sunday, featuring lessons and conversations with industry guests like major producers, casting directors, and actors, providing valuable insights and opportunities for student interaction.

🗂️ Downloadable PDF Documents: Members gain access to downloadable resources, including a comprehensive contact sheet with +1,500 agents and managers, an actor's training routine, memorization techniques, scene breakdowns, recommended headshot photographers, top books on acting, exercises, tips, affirmations, access to scripts and monologues, and guidance on the best self-tape gear.

🚀 Virtual Talent Showcase: Participants gain access to an online showcase program, presenting a chance to perform in front of some of the best agents and managers in Hollywood, potentially securing representation through the Campus's referral system.

📣 Direct Feedback: Students can upload auditions, reels, and headshots for direct feedback from Diego Tinoco and fellow actors, ensuring their assets meet industry standards before submissions.

🏆 Monthly Monologue Contest: Our monthly monologue contest allows performers to showcase their talent monthly in front of a live virtual audience of students, earning cash prizes and receiving personalized feedback from Diego himself!

🖊️ Access to Exclusive Scene Study Class: An optional feature which involves access to an exclusive scene study class, limited in availability, allowing select students to work on audition technique directly with Diego via Zoom. (First come first serve. Offered monthly.)

🤫 Behind the Scenes Footage: Access exclusive behind-the-scenes content from Diego Tinoco's recent projects like "On My Block," "Knights of the Zodiac," and "Bad Hombres." Gain insights into on-set do’s and don’ts and watch Diego walk you through what it’s like on a real production set

Life's lead you here for a reason. What you choose to do in this moment is everything. Secure your limited spot inside: "The Actors Campus" and embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your life and acting career. Are you ready to take the first step? 

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What's up everybody! Nearly every encounter I’ve EVER had with a fan whether it was in person or on social media always lead to the same question: “How do I become an actor?”

Honestly, it’s the same question I used to ask MYSELF ten years ago! I always wanted to act, except I didn’t know anything about where to start, what to do, or who to ask!

I watched tons of Master Classes, listened to interviews and podcasts and read all the recommended books but they kept it either:

A.) Super vague or

B.) Only talked about "mindset"

NEVER sharing specifics on what actions to take! Almost like everybody wanted to keep it a secret...

I spent hundreds of dollars online trying to learn from random teachers, dodging scam after scam wishing someone who was actually in the industry would just break down the process of EXACTLY what to do to get started. Step by step!

The Roadmap Didn’t Exist..Up Until NOW! 

Today, I’m in the exact position I always dreamt about and I want to share with YOU, yes YOU reading this, EXACTLY how I got here. This is my online community called The Actors Campus, built and designed to help YOU get started on your dream of Becoming An Actor!

This Course Will Show You:

No matter who you are or where you live in the world... this is the perfect place to start! And best of all it’s super affordable and completely accessible from the comfort of your home. Unlike most acting courses that charge up to $400 a month!

This is the online community I WISH I myself had starting off! 

And if I can do it so can YOU! Not just because anything is possible. But because I LITERALLY break it down STEP BY STEP in the pre-recorded video lessons and answer all your questions within the community center. 

I couldn't imagine my life if I didn't start acting, so if YOU are ready to take the first step towards your dream, I’ll see you inside! And who knows? Maybe we’ll even see each other on my next movie set!

Como siempre, con mucho amor! Adiós! <3

- Diego Tinoco


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